Renfrewshire Sound is a weekly Talking Newspaper that is produced on Thursday evenings. We provide an 80-minute recording of articles from the Paisley Daily Express and the Gazette group of newspapers as well as some of our own original material. There is no charge for our service although donations are gratefully received. There are two main ways you can receive our service.

By Post

In order to receive our service by post you must be blind or visually impaired and eligible to use the Royal Mail Articles for the Blind Postal Concession. This allows our recordings (and certain other items) to be sent free of charge through the postal system.
Listeners receiving our service through the postal system will receive a weekly compact disc that will normally arrive on a Saturday morning. The compact disc will arrive in a yellow postal wallet that has the listener’s address on one side and our address on the other. The address label has the top corner cut off to identify which side is showing. If the cut is on the top left it is the listener’s address that is showing; if the cut is on the top right then it is our return address that is showing. The postal wallet should be returned to us in order that the listener can receive the following weeks edition. There is no need for a stamp as postage is free.

To receive our service by post please use the form below to PROVIDE YOUR POSTAL ADDRESS AND TELEPHONE NUMBER:

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